Emily Marie Miller (b. 1991 St Petersburg, FL) is a painter based in Brooklyn, NY. Miller received her BFA in Sculpture from the University of Florida in Gainesville in 2013. She recently was in the group exhibition Seed, curated by Yvonne Force, at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York City.


I paint the naked female body confined within physical and psychological boundaries. The shapes of the bodies are gestural movements that act out surrender, confusion, healing, and rage. Writhing together, the figures have palpable presence and a strong gaze. To challenge the comfort of the bodies within the space, I impose new figures and gestures on top of the original compositions. These new figures act as obstructions that I must reconcile in some way. Painting is the path to something deeper within myself. The process of making the work is a spiritual dance with my unconscious. Through the manipulation of flesh in oils, I exorcise the past. The resulting figures are immortalized on canvas in a painted limbo.


Instagram: emily.mariemiller