NYC Crit Club Spring 2018 Semester/Taeyoon Choi Studio Internship/Rady & Bloom

Exciting updates as of January 2018: 


NYC Crit Club

I will be participating in the Spring semester of the NYC Crit Club alongside formerly Florida-based artists/friends Georgia Hourdas and Victor Perez. I am very excited to participate in the grad style critique club where I will have my painting work critiqued in front of a group of people for the first time in NYC.

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Taeyoon Choi Studio Internship

Recently, I accepted an internship position with Taeyoon Choi, artist and activist. Taeyoon co-founded the School of Poetic Computation and the Uncertainty School, alongside making performance, painting, and drawing. I am so thrilled to learn from him in the studio.

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How To Make Faces//Rady & Bloom

I will be showing a painting in a group show at The Cell on February 14, 2017 in NYC. The art exhibition was organized to accompany a performance by Rady & Bloom. Thanks to Brian Rady for including my work in this showcase!

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