Spring-Summer 2018 News

Brilliant Champions

Recently I showed Bluebeard in the final group exhibition at Brilliant Champions gallery before they closed their doors due to rent increases. Thank you to Akeem Duncan and Jillian Mackintosh for including me and my work.


Superchief NY

My next show is on June 3 at Superchief Gallery in Ridgewood. Thank you to Jack Moore aka Yung Bachelor.


Byrdcliffe Residency

I accepted an invitation to the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Residency in Woodstock, NY for the month of September. This will be my first residency and I'm so happy that I'll be upstate in the woods.

Studio Assist

Since my last post, I've started assisting in Todd Bienvenu's studio, stretching canvases and doing administrative work. 

I have also been stretching canvases and assisting on a freelance basis, and I have renewed my contract working with Taeyoon Choi through the end of summer. 

NYC Crit Club

After a wonderful experience being a member of the Spring 2018 NYC Crit Club, I've renewed my weekly membership and will be attending through summer as well. 

Move to Gowanus

As of June 1, my partner Jake & I will move from Bushwick to Gowanus. I will be moving my studio to our own freestanding studio in the backyard of our new apartment. I am so excited to escape the 75" wide studio hallway I'm currently operating in and gain some square footage. I also can't wait to be close to the art venues in that area!